Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Stretch!!

Ok, we are on the home stretch!!!   We are in production making the duck bodies at our one factory and at the other facility our painters are getting ready to begin final production.  I thought that I would share a few sections from Jill, our Painting Supervisor's, letter to give folks a feel for what she and her crew are doing:


I emailed Bryan this afternoon with our address, and to let him know that the product can be delivered to our facility at any time.  We have ample warehouse space set aside for the product.  I did receive the three extra spray mask sets today for Sam and FFA – thank you Chris!  This gives us a total of 4 spray mask sets, and that should be a good start.  I hope to receive the loon masks as soon as possible.  I understand that you need a few of these painted right away, and we will do that as soon as possible. I understand that the gift boxes will be here on Monday.  Do you know when Mr. Box is planning on delivering the corrugated?  Again, we will keep all boxes and corrugated in a separate section set aside solely for Celebriducks.  We have not actually begun painting as of yet.  When we do, I will send photos and samples.  Right now, we are still getting everything together with our machinery and air compressors.  This is a very complex process, to ensure that we have the correct fittings, filters, regulators, etc.  I have all of the paint here, and the necessary equipment.  We are anticipating that everything will be completed by the end of the week, so that we can actually begin painting at that time.  We are doing everything possible to get the necessary parts and equipment up and running as quickly as possible.  In summary, we are very close to the actual painting phase of the project. Once that begins, I will send photos and samples for your approval.  I am hoping to have something for you by Friday or Monday, at the latest.  I also need to consider the transit time involved, to ensure that we meet our 4/27 deadline.   

Thank You! 


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