Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Production Has Begun!!

Ok, so we are actually in production!  Can you believe it??  

Well, at least with the ducky bodies.  Our mold revisions are still a work in progress, but at least we have one mold of SAM and one mold of Loon working till we can fix the rack of fives.  

So slowly we crank them out each day, but hey, they are at least coming out of those molds and we even started sending some to the painters!! 

Now the next biggest test.  The painters have our spray masks that Chris created and we are all so hoping that there will be no production issues with them and that we will actually have painted SAM duckies momentarily.  

Chris had to do some major revisions on the masks as they are quite complicated, but as I always say....getting there! 

 It's a big week for us!!


  1. Congratulations! You should feel proud of this accomplishment. All the best on this enterprise! :)

  2. Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words!