Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First USA Ducks Shipped!

Ok....history is being made!!  The first USA rubber duckies are leaving today!!   The very first ones we did are for The Future Farmers of America as they have a major duck race this weekend in upstate New York.  These first ducks will be sold there.  

You know, I haven't posted for a week or so as it's been almost traumatic with the production issues we have been dealing with....waking up a night in a cold sweat.  I never imagined it could be so difficult.  But everyone is working overtime to get these first ducks out the door and to our first clients.  We have had to redo all the molds, the spray masks, innovate new ways of producing them in the US that even goes beyond what is being done expensive....

....and I keep moving hopeful people can appreciate what it is taking to bring an industry back home....I really trust people will!!....

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