Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whatever Happened To Loyalty!

Well, it continues to be an eye opening excursion navigating through the world of American manufacturing.

I was speaking to a guy at a paper company yesterday who was telling me this story of a large American manufacturer that got destroyed by outsourcing.

He said that long ago they were supplying a ton of paper to this company that made the paper tubes that go over wire hangers.  They were one of the biggest in the US doing this.

Then all of a sudden, one day, the market was flooded with paper tubes coming in from overseas.  He said it was amazing.  Within six months this company was put out of business because everyone switched to buying these paper tubes from overseas just to save a few pennies.  Six months...gone.  And, of course all of the other businesses that worked with this company were severely affected as well.  Unbelievable!

This guy also told me a story about how a client of theirs developed a product for a huge national retailer.   After two years, the retailer said either you make the product for 60% less or we will just start importing them from overseas.

How cold!  Whatever happened to loyalty and supporting those who supported you... supporting jobs in your own country?

... How did we get here?

Ok, enough ranting... let me tell you that the search for a printer goes on.

I am still trying to find someone to - cost effectively - make our gift boxes here in the US.  And funny enough, as this is happening we are getting more and more jobs rolling in, which is great and scary at the same time as I still need to get the first Hatched in the USA ducky produced.

Seems to be all moving along, but this first rubber duck is the most difficult since we have to get all of the bugs out

... and on we go.

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