Monday, January 30, 2012

Two Weeks And Counting!!

Wow!! I am so wiped out.  

We are finally making our first duck at the factory in Ohio!!  

This is very exciting, but there is so much back and forth between the mold making factory and the duck body factory to get everything right.  The coordination between the two factories has to be so precise as we have to make the correct molds for the factory to run and there are many intricate parts that have to line up just right.  Then when we run US duck #1, which hopefully will be this week, we have to test for floating, and then make more molds for the painters to help them in the decoration.  

And yes, I am still talking to printers each day looking to find someone to print the boxes the ducks sit in.  This I have not gotten handled yet....really grueling, my friends!

Oh, and American made #1 duck (Sam) is scheduled to launch at Jacob Javitz Center in New York City for the Toy Fair in just 2 weeks.... just a bit of pressure!

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