Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wherever The Manufacturing Goes, Everything Else Goes!

I really hope that some news channels pick up this post!  I just feel that there are some important things that need to be said.  
The other night, I was watching Shark Tank.  This is a great show that gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come true, and possibly make a business deal that will make them a millionaire. 
One of these entrepreneurs was a guy whose North Carolina town had been devastated by the loss of the industry in his area.  He had invented a cool rack for pick-up trucks that he wanted to manufacture in the USA and was looking for investment money.  The Sharks immediately realized that if he tried to make it in the USA, the prices would be too high for distributors so he would be forced to just sell direct (which was fine with him), but it would take longer to create a successful business model.

What the Sharks basically told him was that this is a global economy and he should just make his product overseas and create a successful business by hiring more people here in sales, accounting, etc.!

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!  And to be fair, the following show, the Sharks (except for one of them) did applaud a guy who was making a guitar device in the US to keep manufacturing here. 
The thing with many investors is that they are just looking at short term profits, which is why America is in the shape it is in today with towns being decimated and industries being lost.  This country cannot continue to outsource manufacturing and expect to survive as a global power!   The countries that are manufacturing US products only become stronger and our infrastructure  becomes weaker while jobs, industries, and job skills are lost!!!  This practice has created ghost towns, staggering unemployment, etc. that is just horrifying.  I don't care how its being spun on TV; I speak to people all over the country and things are not good.

The way to get through all this is to think long term what is best for the country...and outsourcing your entire manufacturing is not the answer.  
Creatively finding a way to make manufacturing in the US is the only solution.  This country was built on manufacturing!  
The mistake is the idea that outsourcing manufacturing will still allow a country to become strong in other areas like the service and technology.  This is a fallacy!  Wherever the manufacturing goes, everything else follows.  
Don't believe me. Just look at the growth of the technology and service industries in their other countries where manufacturing is high.  
The USA is slowly being left behind.

However, this can be stopped.  If enough people - those in government, business, the citizens of our country - value the future and long term health of our country then they must support US factories and companies who want to make their products here.  We need to do everything possible to support companies who want to try and make it work here and our manufacturers need the same government incentives and tax breaks that other industries receive. 

And on that note... this week I am popping out a few of CelebriDucks first “Hatched in the USA” duckies to show at Toy Fair in New York!  How exciting is that!!!!!

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