Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 - The Year The Rubber Ducky Comes Back To The USA!

Happy New Year!!

I am really excited for 2012.  We are super close to getting the first Hatched In The USA duck bodies run.

Our mold maker and the production factory seem to be all coordinated, so we are getting there.

Of course, once I run the first duck I still have to make the spray masks for the painters so they can do the painting on them at a whole other factory so we will then need molds for those...

.. and on and on and on... honestly, could it get more complicated!

Ok, back to the boxes...

We made a great connection to a printer in Ohio last week.  This hook up was given to us by another printer who couldn't come close to getting us the pricing we needed.  He was nice enough to turn us on to another firm in Ohio that would be a better fit.

Now, I am just waiting to hear what the new folks come up with.

Patience, they say, is a virtue.  Only God knows how long mine will last!!

In the meantime, I contacted the Printing Industry Exchange.  They find printers all over the country that may be able to handle your job based upon it's requirements.

We spoke with Mike at Printing Industry Exchange and he was great!

We sent Mike some ducks and he spent hours breaking down the boxes and doing diagrams to show to other printers with specs so we could keep getting more quotes.

If you ever need a good printer, Mike is the guy to talk to.

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