Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Have A Printer!

Well, we finally decided upon a printer!
What is cool is that the printer is also in Ohio which is where our factory is, where our painters are, where our art department is, and the state where the first rubber ducks came to life.  
Here's to Ohio!!!   
So we have been in production and it has been nothing short of a nightmare.  
Yes, making the molds in the US is a learning process and now we have to revise them all.  
Again, two steps forward and one step back.  But we are really learning a lot! 

It is pretty clear to me no one else is going to be making rubber ducks in America!   
I never imagined all the production problems, but fortunately we have a great team and they will figure it out.  We finally found weights for the bottoms of all our ducks with Graingers in Illinois and we plan to now, after much experimentation, secure them in the boxes with an adhesive that is removable made by a company in Wisconsin.  Still planning to launch them in March.  
Deadlines keep creeping closer for upcoming events using Made in USA ducks.  We are getting there, but somehow in the next few weeks have to figure out how to make thousands of them...again...YIKES!

Oh, and SAM was nominated for Product Design Award in the ASI Industry, which is the largest promotional product agency in the world with hundreds of thousands of distributors.  Very cool! 

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