Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Duckie Badger Doesn't Give A Damn!

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
So, that being said, we are definitely getting a lot stronger!!  As I believe I mentioned, all of our initial molds did not work so can you believe we have to redo them with these deadlines looming for these first Hatched in the USA events!!  
Time and, I see why other companies are so reluctant to endure this transfer from overseas manufacturing to USA manufacturing.   Too much R&D, too much time, too much money
....but the duckie badger doesn't give a damn...
we are going to make this work!

Hats off to American ingenuity though, as our factories, artisans, and mold makers have figured out a way to make a better mold...even better than what they use overseas!  Not only that, Chris, our art director, came up with a way of designing and creating spray masks by hand that work as well or better than what is traditionally made overseas.  
Who says we have lost our power to innovate in this country.  We are still so great at what we do!!!

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