Friday, December 7, 2012


Ok, I read this today and thought I would repost just have to get the President to New York to our factory!!

President Obama and White House Staff converged at The Rodon Group’s facility last Friday to show support for American ma...
nufacturing companies, the jobs they create, and the working middle class. The President’s backdrop was filled with K’nex building toys, including an American flag made of 49,000 K’nex pieces.

“I want to reward manufacturers like this one and small businesses that create jobs here in the United States, not overseas,” said President Obama. “And, by the way, this is a company—one of the few companies in the toy industry—that have aggressively moved jobs back here. That’s a great story to tell because we’ve got the best workers in the world and the most productive workers in the world, so we need champions for American industry creating jobs here in the United States.”
The Rodon Group/K’nex Brands was chosen to host this event. “We’re incredibly proud,” said company CEO Michael Araten. “I think it means the President and his team recognize that manufacturing in the United States is important. That focusing on manufacturing and keeping confidence high, which is what the fiscal cliff is all about, is important. If you can do it with toys, you can do it with anything.”

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