Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Last week we were finally able to present our Hatched in the USA CelebriDuck to Mitt Romney which was pretty cool.  He very much appreciated that it was Made in America.  Now we just have to get one to President Obama!  He is in our line after all.  Also, this really cool website contacted us last week. They are all about promoting things Made in America. Check them out. We're now listed on there too! www.americanmadeeverything.com

So really hoping this week to find out if we can move forward with our new factory on the East Coast.  And while we're working on that, we're in the midst of coming up with new packaging solutions to hold our USA duckies in the box since the glue dots and glue tape did not work and the shrink wrap failed it's first tests...now on to....yes high tech....pipe cleaners!!! 

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