Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And The Duckies Have Weights!

So, hey, just came up with a little something I didn't think of (god knows how many more are going to come up yet!).  

Unlike many rubber duckies on the market that have a hole in the bottom and let in water, our CelebriDucks are sealed up and we put in metal weights so they float upright - even if you throw them in on their head!  Well, guess what....metal weights are a lot more expensive here!!  Now in addition to the research on printing, molds, factories, painters, we are are now sourcing metal weights.  So add that to the to do list!  Of course, need to get that figured out quickly as we plan to begin production next week! 

We're going to start running Sam plus a Loon for the State University of New York's duck race. We are also running Sam for The Future Farmers of America.  So we do have deadlines to meet here!  At some point, you know, you just have to release the hounds.  And you never know the production issues to be dealt with till you start making them.  And we haven't even dealt with the painting crew yet.  Hoping for smooth sailing there, but then again.....

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